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Treatments & Ayurveda.

Enjoy a wide range of beauty treatments.

Ayurveda oil drop treatment

Purple Valley offer the following range of Ayurveda treatments and massages that you can book on your arrival at the resort. You will simply need to float back to your room across the beautiful landscaped gardens once your session is finished and dream about what you would like to try next.

Purple Valley work with expert local therapists as well as European body workers sourcing oils and beauty products of the highest quality, and when possible organic.


Woman receiving ayurvedic massage

Traditional Ayurveda Massage - Balances the biological humours, recharges and reactivates the body and mind.

Body Scrub Massage - Cleanses and softens the skin.

Fresh Fruit Massage - Smoothens the skin and leaves it glowing.

Lymphatic Massage - Promotes lymph flow and eliminates the toxins from the body.

Ayurveda Treatments

Woman in ayurvedic treatment

Shirodhara - Effective in relieving tension, checks stress and strain and enables deep sleep.

Kizhi - Effective in chronic back pain and rheumatic complaints.

Nasyam - Opens up the nasal passage, a good cure for sinusitus.

Reflexology - Revitalises energy levels.

Beauty Therapies

Woman during a beauty therapy treatment

Facials - Herbal / Vitamin E / Biotique / Auyrveda

Nail Care - Manicure / Pedicure / Polish

Threading - Eyebrows / Face / Chin

Waxing - Full leg / Half leg / Bikini line / Underarm