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Ethos & Community.

What we stand for and believe.

Market stalls in Goa

Yoga Journey Ltd has worked together with Purple Valley Yoga Retreat in Goa to build an eco-friendly future, in harmony with local the local environment and community.

We have investigated the implications of growing our own food, but have decided that this would be taking away the livelihood of local farmers - instead, we buy local organic produce wherever possible. This includes our bread, yoghurt, jams and peanut butters, as well as fruit, vegetables, rice and other pulses.

Our commitment to the community means that:

Indian school children
  • Purple Valley supports the local high school, Assagao Union with a percentage of our profits and all of the funds raised or donated by guests throughout our season. These funds provide schoolbooks, shoes, uniforms for students and urgently required maintenance for the school itself.

  • When we have spare labour at Purple Valley we send our workmen to the Assagao Union High School to undertake maintenance jobs with the materials that we have provided. So far this has meant a new water tank, pump and taps so that the children now have safe water to drink.

  • We use standard European good employment practices such as providing sick pay these are not common in India.

  • We have a health care plan for our workers which includes all medicine and treatment payments.

Yoga Journey Ltd and Purple Valley Yoga Retreat in Goa is concerned about replenishing the local natural resources wherever possible and to this end:

Indian flower seller
  • We have a reciprocal arrangement with our farming neighbours whereby we give them our kitchen food waste and they give us natural waste from their cattle, which we use on the gardens.

  • The newest building has solar panels to heat the water for the guest rooms.

If you have any suggestions about how we can extend and improve our commitment to the community and our eco-strategies please contact us.