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The best place to learn Ashtanga yoga in Goa, India.

Prayer in yoga class, Goa

Yoga Journey Ltd in association with Purple Valley specialises in Ashtanga yoga courses, and is the best place to learn Ashtanga yoga in Goa, India.

The usual yoga course is 2 weeks and offers 6 morning yoga classes and 3-4 afternoon classes weekly of various content according to the teacher and session. It is most beneficial for students to take the full 2-week yoga course, if life schedules do not permit this, we take one week bookings for the first week only. Students should aim to arrive on Saturday between 14:00 and 17:00, the first class of the yoga course is Sunday morning and the last class is on a Friday morning, with departures on the last Saturday by 10:00.

All course prices include a light fruit breakfast plus 2 delicious vegetarian meals a day.

We can only accept guests for the 2nd week of a 2 week retreat if they have memorised the Primary Series and can practise without guidance from a teacher.

Our workshops and retreats are designed for people with normal physical and mental conditions. If you are on medication, are currently taking therapy and/or counselling, or have any known mental condition(s) that would in any way hinder your participation in a workshop or retreat, please let us know before registering. We do not provide any specialists at our workshops/retreats who would be able to help, should the need arise. If a student’s behaviour causes disruption for other workshop participants and the teachers, he or she will be asked to stop participating in the workshop and to seek appropriate help. In such a situation, we do not offer refunds, but are available to provide any documents necessary for insurance claims.

Season 2020/2021

C7 Angelika , Misaki -
1st Apr 2021 - 30th Jun 2021
Angelika , Angelika , Misaki ,

Angelika discovered yoga just after finishing university. Yoga came as a savior in a world filled with hours of study and general neglect of her body and wellbeing during those times. Initially a fitness practice, it quickly developed into an increased fascination with movement and its connection to mental, emotional and physical health. In addition, with a great interest in various healing techniques and metaphysical subjects, yoga naturally formed a firm foundation for further exploration of Angelika’s spiritual journey. Angelika is the residential teacher at Purple Valley till end of June 2021. She is assisted by Misaki from Japan.

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