Cooking, eating and practising Ashtanga


Adam is one of the guest players here at Purple Valley this season.  He has been cooking for many years, and this season he is sharing his cooking knowledge here at the retreat centre. We have asked Adam a few questions about food and yoga…

Adam in kitchen

” cooking stretch” 

1. Tell us little about yourself and how you were brought to healthy conscious cooking.

My mother was my influence for eating healthy as she started exploring the world of whole foods when I was a young kid, as an alternative to all the processed foods from the food store.  As a result of this, I have spent my adult life in search of these types of foods.  It also created such a love for food that I decided that I wanted to make my living from being involved in offering these foods to others.  I have worked at all stages of food production, right from organic farming to sourcing to producing foods that I believe in, and can be proud of promoting and sharing them.

2. What kind of food philosophy do you have?

I believe in eating foods that make you feel good and nourish your body.  We are constantly changing every second every day, so I don’t believe in strict rules about what to eat and not to eat. It is best to follow your intuition on what works for you.  Of course you have to identify what is a craving or an aversion and this can take some practice.

3. Some people believe raw food is the best food, while others prefer ayurvedic foods or vegan and so on. What do you think, what, in your opinion, is the healthiest way of living when it comes to food? Also the best yogic food, in your view means….

I like to incorporate the benefits of all of these styles of eating.  For me I choose foods grown and prepared with love.  These foods are not only the most healthy for you, but also the most delicious in my opinion. With regards to foods for a yoga practice I find that eating satvic (pure and light, ayurvedic term ) foods and not eating heavy meals at night definitely helps me have a deeper practice.  So I save my ‘treats’ for Friday nights or Moon evenings 🙂

4. How do you cook? From where do you get your inspiration?

I believe in simple cooking.  I let the ingredients do the work for me.  I love to cook but I think I love going to the market even more.  That is how I decide what I’m going make and that’s where I get my inspiration for what to prepare.  Highlighting seasonal produce is a main focus of mine, just as much as thinking about colours, flavours, balances and textures which I use to structure my menu planning.

5. What is your opinion on food and yoga? How do they complement each other?

Well I have found that yoga helps everything. When it comes to food and yoga I like foods that are nutrient dense and don’t require much energy for my body to digest.  I have been starting my day after practice for many years now with a smoothie, fresh pressed juice and/or some fruits.  These types of foods give me the energy needed to get through my morning and don’t hold me back after my morning practice.  I have also come to love my Sundays as I love to spend the day eating and napping all day long after practice.

6.  A little about your yoga practice…

Every day on the mat is a good day for me.  It reflects life so much that I just keep finding out new things about day to day life and about myself each day.  I like how I can practice anywhere, be it at home, when travelling or at the local shala.  It only requires yourself.  And like anything in life it’s what you put into it is what you get out of it.

8. What is the best thing about Purple Valley?

The people.  Everyone takes great pride in what they do here.  Everyone greets you with a smile and a positive energy.  For me it doesn’t matter where you live, what is important is that you are practising something you love and have good people to spend time with.  It feels like home here at PV.

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