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Ashtanga Yoga Foundations – A Guide for Beginners

Join Joey Miles and Stu Girling in a fascinating interview for beginners, they speak on the following topics.

1:00 Attitude with with one approaches Ashtanga Yoga
5:10 Keeping the Enthusiasm and Regularity
6:20 Building a commitment in the beginning
9:00 Take therapy and body work, its good for you!
9:45 No Time for practice means no commitment
11:03 Its not bad to see Ashtanga as a workout in the beginning
15:20 Simplifying your learning
18:00 The gatekeeper postures
28:30 Meditation & Pranayama – Learn and drop techniques
30:30 Keep a Dairy and make notes over the years


Practicing Ashtanga Yoga through Everyday Life – Jeff & Harmony Lichty

A fascinating interview with Jeff & Harmony Litchy on their Journey through and with Ashtanga Yoga. Stu Girling speaks with them about
How do you both know what students need 0:08
Length of ones practice 1:16
How have you approached differences in practice 5:50
Working with difficulties outside of practice 12:50
Resolving things outside in daily life reflect on practice 17:52
Being certified to teach by Sharath Jois is not easy 21:00
Pointers for students who practice Yoga on their own 24:14
Finding Motivation during Winters for those in the colder countries 29:20 & 45:45
On the two of them practicing together 31:00
Yoga @35,000 Ft! 32:45
Studying Yoga philosophy, some books Harmony recommends 34:35
Learning Sanskrit & Sankhya philosophy 37:46
On Jeff’s background as a Medic and if that comes into his teaching 39:45
The 4th Bandha 43:16

Michael Gannon on Ashtanga Yoga | Approximations | Power Vinyasa Yoga

Join Stu Girling as he interviews Michael Gannon in another interesting interview.

Michael talks about the Ashtanga Yoga practice, what he calls approximations, his new book and shares a bit about his own journey and the yoga school he runs.


David Keil on Ashtanga Yoga, Injury, Fascia and Sun Salutations

Join Anatomy masters Stu Girling and David Keil in another fascinating conversation where they talk about their favorite topic – Yoga Anatomy!


They cover the International fascia conference that David attended,
Sitbone pain, Sun salutations, Injury and Bandhas.