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Jan 22nd 2021 - Jan 27th 2021

Vijaya Kumar Manja
Vijaya Kumar Manja

Vijaya started his practice of yoga asana at the age of 16 and continues a regular practice today; something he lives by. His teachings include every aspect of yoga: the study and understanding of the philosophy, Sanskrit language, traditional texts, ashtanga vinyasa practice, pranayama, meditation with rituals, the spiritual aspect, and the understanding of practicing yoga according to the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. During these 5 days the students will experience short introduction to the various aspects of the yogic principles.
"Yoga is not just asanas…it is a lifetime practice. A way to live."

Course Description:

Program for the 5 day retreat with Dr. Vijaya at Purple Valley Yoga Centre

22/01 Arrival, greeting and dinner

23- 26/01

06.30 am Chai 7.00 am asana

9 00 am breakfast

11 00 am philosophy

1 30 pm lunch

3 00 pm asana, chanting, meditation

6 30 pm diner


06.30 am Chai

7.00 am asana 9 00 am breakfast

11 00 am philosophy

1 30 pm lunch

The first morning asana class will be taught as a guided class.  On all other days, classes will be taught as a guided self-practice.  The group will be small (max 10 students), so the teacher can give a lot of individual attention to each student.  The focus during the philosophy classes will be on Ava dhuta Gita – Song of the free soul, a text based on the principles of the Advaita school.  The chanting will focus on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

These 5 days are a great opportunity to retreat into the technique, philosophy and practices of yoga.   Price: 25 000 INR

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