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Jan 2nd 2021 - Jan 8th 2021

Rohil Jethmalani
Rohil Jethmalani

Rohil has taught immersive retreats and teacher training programs in Morocco, Bali and India.
He is currently pursuing a masters program in Cognitive Science to understand the scientific basis behind the various practices of yoga. He has spent long periods of time learning & practicing Ashtanga in the traditional Mysore-style, as well as classical Hatha with his teachers in Mysore and Rishikesh.
Rohil believes that yoga is not simply a physical practice and strives to highlight the philosophies that underlie these rich and sacred traditions. His teachings of ashtanga yoga are non-dogmatic, whereby different students receive unique and appropriate instruction to tailor the practice to their needs and not the other way around.

Course Description:


Morning Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice. All the classes will be in the led-style, where the teacher will provide support and instruction through your process. Theory classes: Ashtanga Philosophy & History. Meditation & Pranayama: Daily pranayama and meditation practice We serve 3 meals per day, simple but delicious food, Peaceful location of our Shala surrounded by a beautiful tranquil garden.

Comfortable accommodation, all rooms are offered as single rooms. Friends/family can share on request. Unfortunately as per government rules the pool is not in use at the moment

Saturday Evening Small information meeting

Sunday Morning: Pranayama + Ashtanga Afternoon: Tristana method & meditation

Monday Morning: Pranayama + Ashtanga Afternoon: Philosophy of Breath & Nervous system + meditation

Tuesday Morning: Pranayama + Ashtanga Afternoon: Overview of the Yoga Sutras + Meditation

Wednesday Morning: Pranayama + Ashtanga Afternoon: NO CLASS

Thursday Morning: Pranayama + Ashtanga Afternoon: Yoga Sutra philosophy + Meditation

Friday Morning:Pranayama + Ashtanga Post Breakfast: Sharing Circle Sample


Daily Schedule

6.30 Chai

7.00 Pranayama + Asana

9:30- BreakFast

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Chai

15:30 -17:00** Theory + Meditation

18.30 dinner

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