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Apr 11th 2020 - Apr 24th 2020

Luke Jordan
Luke Jordan

Always feeling that there was something more to life, Luke first began formal study of Eastern mysticism in the 1990s while at University and plunged headlong into the practise of Ashtanga Yoga in the year 2000. This began the on-going journey that would take him around the world seeking out experts, gurus and teachers in the field of Yoga and spirituality, sharing his knowledge along the way. Luke first made his way to Mysore, India in 2001 to study with Sri Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath and since then has regularly returned to Mysore to learn with his teachers. Luke is one of a very small number of teachers worldwide to have been granted the honour of Certification within the Ashtanga tradition. Luke has always sought to ground his practice and teaching in the wider Yoga philosophical tradition and completed a Master’s degree in Indian Religion with his main focus being on the deeper meaning of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He remains an avid student of mystical spiritual traditions and peppers his teachings with insights drawn from his readings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and Sufism as well as his love of mythological lore. Besides the physical practice of asana Luke continues also the ancient practice of Vedic chanting which he learns in the traditional shruti parampara method with his teacher Vedacharya M Varadrajan and shares with others in his classes and workshops.

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Mysore Style – The Inner Space of Sadhana

Luke considers it his role not to be a teacher as such but as a facilitator and support for the magic of the Ashtanga Yoga method to awaken within the practitioner their own inner intelligence, to deepen within themselves their own sense of inner space. While we may practice together, this method brings us on our own inner journey of sadhana (spiritual unfolding). Tuning in with each person individually Luke will be there to hold this space, providing insights and suggestions drawn from his many years of personal yoga sadhana and helping others with theirs.

The Afternoon Sessions The Asana Clinic

Each Wednesday, drawing on nearly 20 years of consistent practice of the Ashtanga Yoga method, Luke will share his insights and tips into how to practise. Following on from the Mysore sessions Luke will orientate his Asana Clinic to be tailored to the needs of your group and its strengths and

weaknesses. This fun and relaxed class will provide a space for exploration through demonstration, adjustment and observation, facillitating you to move deeper in your own practice.

Chanting– A Drop in the Ocean of Nectar

Our yoga practise is part of a sublime heritage of millenia-old spiritual inquiry which is preserved in India’s vast oral tradition. To begin each afternoon session we will partake in this ancient legacy by repeating together chants drawn from the source of yogic Self-exploration.

While our selection of chants may be mere drop in the ocean of these bodies of teachings, the ocean is considered to be in the drop just as the drop itself forms part of the ocean. As we chant each day we cumulatively build up a deeper sense of these prayers and formulas which offer an invitation for us too to drop into the ocean of Yoga.

The Love of Wisdom – The Inquiry of Yoga Philosophy

The word philosophy literally means ‘love of wisdom’ and in these sessions Luke will share his love of the yogic wisdom that is found in some of yoga’s main texts.

Week 1 - Sunday Yoga: Through the Looking Glass

This session will explore the place of Yoga within the wider tradition of Indian philosophy and explore some of Yoga’s main ideas, how they have developed over time and their relevancy to our own practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

Week 1 - Monday Samkhya: Yoga’s forgotten Sister

While Yoga’s fame has spread throughout the world, its sister philosophy Samkhya has gone unnoticed in the wings. As we will learn however, much as we cannot understand a twin without its sibling, we cannot understand Yoga without Samkhya.

Week 1 - Thursday

Perspective on Patanjali – Understanding the Yoga Sutras

Alongisde the meteoric rise of Yoga in the West has come interest in Yoga’s philosophical underpinnings particularly as it is expressed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Often obscured by scholars, Luke will bring out this text’s simplicity and clarity in a way which will make it understandable, accessible and relevant.

Week 2 - Sunday Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita – Part 1

Perhaps one of the most famous conversations of all time, the discourse between Krishna and Arjuna still talks to us today about the meaning of what it is to not only practice Yoga, but also how to live in the world. This great work really comes alive when it is understood within its context of the Mahabharata, the longest and perhaps the greatest story ever told. Luke will entertainingly introduce you to a the main storyline and a few of the characters of India’s Great Epic.

Week 2 - Monday Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita – Part 2

Knowing now the story behind India’s philosophical jewel, we will eavesdrop on Krishna and Arjuna as they discuss the great questions of life and see what the teaching means for us as practitioners of yoga and human beings in the world.

Week 2 - Thursday Gayatri – The Goddess in Sound

The Gayatri Mantra is considered the sonic form of the Goddess and its repetition is said to be transformative and very auspicious. Luke will share the myth of its origin and together we will explore its meaning both through an analysis of its words and, more importantly, through its repetition.

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