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Nov 24th 2018 - Dec 7th 2018

Kia Naddermier
Kia Naddermier

Kia has over 20 years experience of Ashtanga Yoga and is the main teacher & director of Mysore Yoga Paris [] where she upholds the daily Mysore-program.  She is a dedicated advanced practitioner and teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama and adjustment techniques.  She mentors teachers, runs long-term apprentice programs and gives workshops and trainings internationally.  Kia is certified to teach Pranayama directly by Shri O. P. Tiwariji in the lineage of Kavalyadham and teaches with careful adherance to the authentic teachings of Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama whilst encouraging each individual to explore the beauty of the practice for themselves.  With a genuine dedication to the growth and development of her students, her way of teaching integrates profound knowledge of the breath and Pranic energy, subtle and physical anatomy, with yogic principles.  Her deep love and years of dedication to all aspects of this practice shines through in her warm, insightful and inspirational teaching. 

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson

Scott has over 16 years of experience with Ashtanga Yoga.  He is the co-founder and main teacher at Stillpoint Yoga London []. Scott's teaching is greatly inspired and influenced by John Scott, Lucy Crawford and Manju Pattabhi Jois.  Scott met John in 2002 and instantly felt the deep connection to the ashtanga lineage through John's teaching and his relationship with K. Pattabhi Jois.
Scott is authorised to teach the primary and intermediate series of ashtanga yoga by Manju Jois and has also undergone extensive training with Clear Mind Institute, gaining their level 3 certificate in Mindfulness and Compassion. Scott teaches with encouragement, insight and integrity to the ashtanga yoga lineage he has had access to.  He adheres to the authentic tradition and lineage of ashtanga yoga, assisting practitioners in discovering how the practice can unfold, not only personally on the mat, but also in the wider context of daily life.

Course Description:

Kia will be teaching in the 2nd week only of this 2 week course.

We open our mornings with Silent sitting & Mindfullness with Scott.  Cultivating deep awareness at the beginning of the day allows us to develop skills that help us to drop into the experience of our lives.

Followed by Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style classes, where you receive individual guidance and adjustments from Scott, Kia and their highly experience assisting team.  Those new to the practice will be introduced to Mysore Style Self Practice, whilst experienced practitioners will develop their personl practice.  Some led classes focused on specific aspects of the practice will also be offered as well as Traditionally Sanskrit Counted practice.

Afternoon sessions during the first week are dedicated to exploring and developing techniques and mindful principles of Ashtanga Yoga with Scott looking at how practice becomes deeper when we cultivate true awareness.  These classes will include techniques, hands on adjustments and cultivating mindful qualities of practice.  We will be moving towards the deeper aspects of the second week when Kia arrives.

The second week's afternoons will journey on to the subtler aspects of yoga - The philosophy and practice of traditional Pranayamas & Kriyas (yogic purification techniques) with Kia.  The division between body and mind is first healed with the breath.  Pranayama takes us beyond the physical aspects to the next level of awareness.  Hence Pranayama is considered the most central aspect of any authentic Hatha Yoga practic.  In these sessions we will deepen our appreciation of the subtleties of breath and its significance in yogic practices and philospohy.  New students will build up a self practice of Pranayama & Kriyas to continue after the course, whilst those of more experience will refine and deepen their practice and understanding. 

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