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Apr 14th 2018 - Apr 28th 2018

John Scott
John Scott

In 1987 John was traveling away from his birth place of New Zealand, searching for a change in life, and while working in Greece, John met his first Ashtanga Yoga teacher; Derek Ireland. This meeting marked the beginning of a whole new journey and search for John. Under direction from Derek, John then traveled to India to study with the Guru of Ashtanga Yoga; Shri K Pattabhi Jois (Guruji). John then became a direct student of Guruji and continued studies with him until his passing in May 2009. John has only had these two teachers, Derek and Guruji, and therefore his focus has been uninterrupted for over 20 years. This ekatatva or one pointed focus, has guided John through many years of personal practice, the setting up of morning self-practice classes in London , International workshops and Retreat. John has also published a book and DVD on the Ashtanga Primary Series. John is recognized today alongside the world's advanced practitioners and teachers of Ashtanga Yoga. John imbues his classes with metaphor, spontaneity, vigor, theory, and a splash of humour.

Course Description:

John Scott is a direct Student of Shri K Pattabhi Jois and was in 1995 was certified by Guruji to teach the Ashtanga Vinyasa Counted Method.

Not only has John been adjusted in every one of the asana he practices, Guruji directly passed to him the Counted Method of Vinyasa.

John considers the “Count” to act as a mantra  -transforming the physical aspect of the practice to a movement meditation – Certainly the physical practice cleanses and detoxifies the body, however the recitation of the Vinyasa Count internally by the student, cleanses and purifies the mind – as Guruji used to say “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is Mind Control…“

It is through the Counted Method and Mind Control that the student attains the potential to ‘Block’ the conditioned patterns of thought, to eclipse the ordinary thinking mind, transcending into the realm of the extra-ordinary.


John and his assisting teaching team, will hold and guide the group through learning, and understanding the Counted Method.

The course will start the two week journey by the students coming together as one group, to help each other to become established in the Counted Method.

When John and his team feel the students are ready to split into two groups, for Assisted, Counted Self-Practice , the group will be divided into two smaller practice groups, to then again, come together again as one each Friday, for a full counted yoga Chikitsa Series.

The aim is to create and support an understanding of the counted method in the beginning of the course. When self practice groups will start, the students are expected to have a deeper knowledge of the vinyasa count.

During the two week retreat John will present 6 after noon Technique/Theory Sessions;. These Technique/Theory Sessions will give the student an opportunity to understand the 1%s theory that John received from Guruji.


Note:, First week will repeat the Count for the Yoga Chikitsa (First Series). We will as well deepen our focus of the Nadi Shodana count.

Second week will be a selfpractice week focusing on Nadi Shodana. Sthira Baga Students will first have their Chikitsa and Nadisodana series checked before being guided through the count of Third Series.


IMPORTANT- this course is suitable for second/third series practitioners



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