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Apr 22nd 2017 - Apr 28th 2017

John Scott
John Scott

In 1987 John was traveling away from his birth place of New Zealand, searching for a change in life, and while working in Greece, John met his first Ashtanga Yoga teacher; Derek Ireland. This meeting marked the beginning of a whole new journey and search for John. Under direction from Derek, John then traveled to India to study with the Guru of Ashtanga Yoga; Shri K Pattabhi Jois (Guruji). John then became a direct student of Guruji and continued studies with him until his passing in May 2009. John has only had these two teachers, Derek and Guruji, and therefore his focus has been uninterrupted for over 20 years. This ekatatva or one pointed focus, has guided John through many years of personal practice, the setting up of morning self-practice classes in London , International workshops and Retreat. John has also published a book and DVD on the Ashtanga Primary Series. John is recognized today alongside the world's advanced practitioners and teachers of Ashtanga Yoga. John imbues his classes with metaphor, spontaneity, vigor, theory, and a splash of humour.

Course Description:

This one Week Workshop will be a journey into Asana Pranayama and Meditation. The morning Guided Self-Practice classes begin sitting in stillness, turning the 5 windows of perception inward with the focused 12 and then John will manage the group meeting each individual students needs, working with all levels from beginner to advanced. John will group students according to their similar levels, in this way the intensity of the practice energy builds and so does the focus and hence personal progress. This workshop is perfectly timed with John’s favourite phase of the moon cycle – the Dark Moon, with the dark moon falling on the weekend. The afternoon sessions will therefore focus on building techniques to best meet the Dark Moon. These techniques will include developing a personal pranayama practice and various introductions and visualizations to journey into meditation. Over the last 26 years of self-practice, personal enquiry and teaching, John has developed many techniques to share, this workshop is a great opportunity to share in these technique immersing yourself in your own personal enquiry.


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