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Mar 14th 2015 - Mar 27th 2015

Mark and Joanne Darby
Mark and Joanne Darby

Darby's teaching is dynamic and direct while giving students the essence of the energy of this yoga. His wisdom and warmth attracts a vibrant community of students who are drawn to his humor, his attentive nature and his steadfast commitment to improving each student's physical alignment. He sometimes uses unconventional methods to teach his students the inner workings of Ashtanga Yoga. He developed an impressive yoga practice over the last 32 years with a focus on the energy flow during the practice.
He released an exceptional video in 2004: The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.

Joanne is a source of inspiration to many yoga students around the world. For her, yoga goes beyond the asana is a way of life. After so many years of practice, she truly believes in the power, benefits and the transformative effect of the ashtanga yoga method.

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Foundation We will explore basic asanas with a particular focus on alignment and breathing, building a solid foundation from which to progress and get the most out of your practice. . Focus on core strength: No stability without core! We will explore the interdependency and contradictions of the apparently opposite actions of connecting to the core versus reaching through the limbs. Bandha , Drishti & Vinyasa. Locate your locks and move into your breath to free your practice. One of the challenges of the Ashtanga flow is the vinyasa. Breaking it down into its components, we will look at ways in which we can work towards achieving the float back and float through by combining various techniques with breath, bandha, foundation, alignment and Drishti.

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