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Feb 28th 2015 - Mar 13th 2015

Maty Ezraty
Maty Ezraty

Maty Ezraty began yoga practice in 1985, starting with an Iyengar practice.
In 1987 she found Ashtanga and has diligently practiced it since then.
Maty is the original Founder of Santa Monica's Yoga Works Studios. She
developed the Yoga Works Teacher Training Program and is responsible for
training many of today's best know yoga instructors.

Course Description:

Breath, Roots and Core: An Ashtanga Immersion with Maty Ezraty

Yoga is an art that can be cultivated with practice, inspiration, and dedication. Taking time to go on retreat gives us a rare opportunity to see our practice with new eyes and open to what is possible. Purple valley is the perfect environment and retreat center for undertaking this purpose.

In this 2 week Intensive we will move deeper into the heart of Ashtanga yoga. Our mornings will begin with one- on- one Mysore practice. The afternoon will be dedicated to a 3 hour workshop that will support and inform our Mysore practice. In the afternoons, we will systematically cover the major groups of poses, sun salutations, standing poses, Back Bends, forward Bends, twists, Inversions and arm balances. As we work to clarify the action of each asana group we will learn to adapt them to our particular needs and conditions.

In both Mysore classes and workshops, we will explore the meaning of Vinyasa as well as develop the supporting concepts of Breath, Roots and Core. We will use these concepts to keep us grounded in Yogic Philosophy during our practice. Vinyasa means gradual, step-by-step approach to learning and practice. Breath is the most important unifying focal point. With Breath we unite the body, mind and Spirit. Roots refers to seeking the cause and origin of our work. Core is used to point us inwards. When we are able to maintain this focus, we are less likely to injure ourselves and we can progress more efficiently to the true goal of Yoga.

This is an invitation to join Purple Valley and Maty Ezraty for a two week intensive that will take your practice further and be a memorable time spent doing yoga in India.

The program:

Morning Mysore Practice: One on One

Our mornings will be dedicated to Myore practice and will emphasize individual one-on-one instruction in the Ashtanga method.

Ashtanga Yoga is a classical method employing a gradual systematic approach to learning and challenging yourself. Working at your own pace, with teacher supervision, the Mysore room is engaging and dynamic. Maty Ezraty is known for her unique approach to the Mysore classes. She works to help each student find their way with the practice and is attentive to the correct alignment of the poses. Maty uses props when needed to facilitate greater understanding and deal with common injuries. She works individually with students to achieve a free and joyful practice.

This workshop is for those who are familiar with the Ashtanga series. It does not matter where you are in the series!

Afternoon workshops:

Maty's workshops are dynamic, well instructed and informative. Each class will focus on a particular theme and will include time for observation, reading bodies and some hands on adjustments. We will work with all the major groups of poses to create a greater understanding that will then be incorporated and individualized into our Mysore practice. The Mysore practice and the workshops will be a support system for each other and will help each student be more confident in their practice.

topics included:

-sessions focused on daily theme

-therapeutic applications for protecting the shoulders, knees and low back

-blue print postures

-universal actions and alignment

-how to break down key postures

-hands on adjustments

-the art of reading bodies

-restorative postures



Maty Ezraty has made it her life's work to transmit yoga and offer useful organizing principles for understanding asana. known for her humor and persistence in teaching good asana form, Maty invokes a fun and open atmosphere.

The workshop is intended for those who are familiar with the Ashtanga method and order of poses. It does not matter where you are in the series!

Attendance is for the two week intensive. Permission to do one week or for those who are not practicing ashtanga will be considered on a case by case.

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