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Mar 29th 2014 - Apr 11th 2014

Maria Boox
Maria Boox

Maria teaches with warmth and her adjustments are made with individual care. The classes are held in a traditional way, accepting of
"what is" bringing a joy and lightness to the yoga practice.

Importantly as a teacher Maria wants all student to feel they are attended to and safe in the Shala room. Hopefully that feeling will integrated into daily life.

In the afternoons, Maria's deep knowledge of the yoga sutras will shines through in her teaching
and how we can integrate this philosophy into our practice and lives.

We will as well practice pranayama technique and many questions and answer about yoga
will be part of the afternoon classes.

Course Description:
Morning Program:
6.00-6.30 Pranayama and meditation
6.30-8.30 Mysore class
8.30-9.30 Beginners class
Evening Program Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Thursday:
4.30-6.30 Yoga in daily life:
An introduction to Yoga Philosophy:
Talks about Patanjali Yoga Sutras into daily life. Pranayama, meditation. Techniques that will help each student to understand different parts of the practice such as Bandhas, lifts, forward bends, twists, beacbending and so much more.
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