Meet the staff – wonderful Sashi and Shishikala

The juice bar would not be the same with out him…

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Sashi has many skills, except for making juice

Sashi is one of the people who work here at Purple Valley, he has been around here the longest, together with his beautiful wife Shishikala, they both came to Goa, twenty years ago.

Leaving their home state Karnataka, and the region Bijapur behind him, Bijapur being a big agricultural hub, Sashi felt he did not have any interest in following in his father’s footsteps. After finishing his schooling and junior college, and after his marriage, he decided to settle down in Goa with his wife.

Sashi and Shishikala met at a young age, and it was love at the first sight; fortunately their parents agreed to their union. Shishikala’s family, as well as that of Shashi, are simple people, and with both the families sustaining on agriculture, there was no possibility of a big dowry. Before the wedding Shishikala’s mother asked him what he was expecting from his in-laws in a dowry, and Shasi said proudly, “You are giving me your daughter, this is enough for me…”

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Sashi and Shishikala

At that time Shishikala was 19 and Sashi just 23…. Today Sashi is 43 and with a big sparkle in his eye, he refers to his marriage as a Gold marriage and his wife the Diamond in his crown.

He says that today he treasures his family the most – “God has given me a wonderful wife and three wonderful children.”

With a proud voice he says that all three are doing extremely well at school. Looking back at his life, he is very happy with the decision to settle down in Goa, the education system here is much better, according to him, and his children are also getting the opportunity to learn English, something that would not have been possible in his village in Karnataka.

Today Sashis extended family has chosen to move to Goa as well, for better prospects, with most of them working as vegetable sellers in Mapusa and  in the south of Goa. They are now eleven family members staying together.

Shashi says that when he first came to Purple Valley, which was 10 years ago, the retreat was just being built. “I came as a laborer, helping out with the construction. Looking around the retreat area he proudly says, “I laid many of the foundation stones to the buildings here, the Ganesh house, the Cottages, the Shala… and still during the off-season I help out with whatever has to be done.”

During the busy season, he is the one who greets all the participants as they come out after their morning practice. As soon as they reach the terrace of the retreat, they find a smiling Shasi who offers them a fresh coconut.

During the day Shasi is in charge of the juice bar, it has been his responsibility for the past five years. With sharp attention, he keeps an eye on the pool area, making sure that the guests have whatever they need, and their favourite juices are always available during their stay at the retreat….

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The Juice Man Sashi …

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Sashi and Shishikala


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