Interview with Stu Girling and Petri Räisänen

Join Stu and Preti as they speak about Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Folk Healing and Anatomy.

One thought on “Interview with Stu Girling and Petri Räisänen

  1. Fabricio Altamirano

    This is a message for Stuart

    Stu, my name is Fabricio Altamirano from El Salvador. I have been practicing Ashtanga for about 16 years. My original teacher is a student of Richard Freeman. (My day job, I am editor and publisher of El Salvador’s largest print news and internet organization)

    I am writting to say: Thank you.

    You do a wonderful job, i listen to your interviews quite a bit and have learned so much over the years from them. I appreciate them all. I will mention John Scott’s – the wheel interview – magnificent, and his led series in the shala. As well as David Robson’s on ‘saving the knees’ I think it was David.

    Anyhow, i get so much from the videos and it just crossed my mind i have never reached out to say thank you

    How are you guys holding up? I imagine this travel ban has hit the retreat very hard, how are you holding up? Do you monetize your tube traffic in any significant way?

    Kind regards

    Fabricio Altamirano
    Age 54, Ashtangii


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