A new beginning

This year I will be completing my 12 years in India. Sadly, I must admit that I still cannot speak Hindi freely, a few words and phrases,  but I do understand more than people think. I can do my shopping in Hindi. I can speak little with the staff….but I am shy… And once again, I am determined that this year I will learn more. What I have learned (and learnt to love) over the past years however, is invaluable: eating spicy hot food, peeing at ‘squat toilets’, traveling in loud, crowded buses. The ability to live without electricity, to sleep between sticky, humid sheets during the monsoon… and yes… I have certainly stopped waiting for people,  I have become far more patient, although I wish I would be little better at controlling myself, once I do lose it…

2014-09-27 18.01.56

goa sunset…

I feel I have become more accepting, towards myself and others, I am more humble, and definitely more generous with words, feelings and even money for the beggars, although it is against my principles to support begging, I have become better to view life from different angles… I do not take things for granted, and while coming back to the West, I see the amazing benefits, schools, cleanliness, financial freedom, and I know that some people will never experience Western wealth. I see myself lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of both.

2014-09-27 18.34.08

sunset continues….

Coming back to Goa and India this year, my life took a very unexpected turn, a very painful one and unwanted in the moment. Transformations can be very hard, challenging, and particularly when we do not want that change to happen,  when we are happy in the moment just as it is…

But sometimes life  and Universe is having something else in mind, we can either fight what is coming and increase the pain, or reaming silent, and watch it. I did both.

The second option worked best.

2014-09-27 18.31.45

….and continues…


I was reading a book, Pointers of Ramesh Baltsekar, which a friend of mine – Gautam Sachdeva has written. He has during many years been a disciple of Ramesh  Baltsekar and the Indian  Philosophy, Advaita Vedanta.

This he wrote about Destiny – everything is predetermined. Right from the time of conception, whether the conception is aborted or a baby is born – till it dies, everything is predetermined. The amount of pleasure and pain that has been assigned in ones life is predetermined. One is hurt because it was ones destiny to be hurt. If it is not ones destiny to be hurt, no power on earth can hurt you. Though everything is predetermined, knowing that will not help you in anyway, as you will never know what is predetermined….Though everything is predetermined, knowing it will not help you in any way, as you will never know what is predetermined.

2014-09-27 18.40.28

….almost set….the beauty of nature …..

Which means  we need to allow life to flow with acceptance. Going through all these changes in life, fast and unexpected, yoga became my tool towards that acceptance. It helped me to watch my behaviour, from mornings where was just lying on my yoga mat, without moving, with no energy, to a slow regain of senses, breath and movement. The asanas are bringing greater awareness, to the present moment. They have been helping me to scatter my thought on the mat, and the same awareness and breath, I could use  in life, while not being on the mat. It was not easy, but it worked.

A man I met in Mumbai once told me , you should leave the asanas and go deeper in meditation, but we are all the spot in life where we are just suppose to be. Yoga, no yoga, meditation, work, family relation ships….everything is exactly the way it is suppose to be… but it can still be very painful, before we accept it.

So opening up Purple Valley this season feels very special, it is not only an asana practice, and some random postures taught here – it is a tool which is helping  us in how to deal with situations in life . This is what  we are practising here in the shala, with some of the most dedicated teachers of ashtanga yoga…

It is such a gift to be able to be here at Purple Valley one more year….with all this wonderful practice.

23 days to go ….and a new season will start…


2014-09-22 18.34.52

….and finally the best sunset company in Goa… Rolf , my guru in all practices.

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